3GEN has an exclusive business games portfolio through which the participants can experience realistic portfolio and project management situations, providing fast and secure learning.

In a playful environment, which makes the experience even more profitable, the participants face typical situations of the organizational environment, including stress and time constraints scenarios, as well as adverse events.

This environment enables the use of basic concepts, paying special attention to creatively finding result-oriented solutions.

Arena PM

Arena PM is a Business Game entirely developed by 3GEN, in which participants have to build the Colosseum. After explaining the main subjects of best project management practices, the participants have to build the monument following the Roman Emperor's requirements and susceptible to all sorts of drawbacks that plagued the empire in the early first century.

In this context, the game Arena PM simulates planning and control decisions regarding the Project of building the Flavian Amphitheater - the Colosseum - throughout its lifecycle, making participants experience, in practice, the difficulties they will find and common challenges of the project environment.

The team's goal is to finish the project's activities complying with the deadline, scope, budget and quality, thus encompassing the main areas of Project Management.

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Portfolio power

It simulates a real situation of project portfolio management in an innovation-driven organization. With corporate strategy as background, time pressure and several events impacting on their decisions, project managers and business executives have to work together to ensure the best value to their portfolio.

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Ultimate Route

One of the main reasons why many projects fail to comply with deadlines, budget constraints and results is inappropriate risk management. This game makes participants put the concepts of this subject into practice. They have to manage project performance in a fast-changing environment.

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