The strategy is valuable only when executed, and there is no effective execution without management. Strategic Governance is essential to ensure the strategy does not become food for thought or useless documents.

It is necessary to integrate several organizational tools to the decision-making process, defining roles and responsibilities, processes, structures and management formalities in order to ensure an integrated, long-term decision process.

3GEN's team has know-how to design and organize the processes, structures and technologies needed for strategic governance.


Decision making in the organization depends on information collected through a wide array of models, tools and management systems. They must be integrated to prevent senior managers from getting lost in several methodological domains.

Furthermore, in an increasingly volatile business environment, the strategic governance model must ensure accountability over goals and actions and focus on the implementation with fast and accurate responses.

3GEN'n approach offers a deep analysis of the organizational and decision-making models, creating robust processes and customized models for your organization.


Business executives wish to have more productive meetings focused on long-term actions and strategy execution. However, meetings are usually held for everyday activities and managing operational performance, becoming ineffective gatherings.

Strategic Management Meetings make the strategy part of the manager's everyday life, integrating several practices used by the organization into the decision-making process.

3GEN developed a practical approach to define, deploy and monitor strategy implementation through strategic management meetings highly focused on decision making.