3GEN offers a complete and integrated portfolio of strategy execution-oriented training programs. Our differentiating factors are:

  • Solid theoretical basis combined with practical activities and simulations;
  • Our instructors have extensive experience as consultants working in projects undertaken at organizations of several industries;
  • The training approach explores the methodologies from its construction to its implementation and use;
  • The cases studied are real and focus on the challenges faced by organizations.


Strategy Execution Academy

Strategy Execution Academy – SEA® is a certification program developed by 3GEN Gestão Estratégica that provides integrated training based on the 6 vectors for strategy execution.

With a training plan that addresses the main subjects required for strategy execution, Academy offers fast training on best management practices with state-of-the-art methodological approaches, providing participants with tools that can be applied immediately in their own organizations.

At the same time, the program creates a professional support platform that, in addition to offering benefits to Alumni, creates a network to share experiences between participants and 3GEN.

The 3GEN Education portfolio was developed to cater to the major training needs for strategy execution.


3GEN has a wide offer of open programs to cater to your organization’s needs with excellence and flexibility. Our unique training approach has gotten market-proven results and obtained excellent reviews from participants.


The best alternative for organizations wishing to combine the professional improvement of their employees in the main abilities of strategy execution with the flexibility of in-house training programs exclusively developed to meet your needs.

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A 3GEN conta com um portfólio exclusivo de jogos de negócio que permitem aos participantes vivenciar situações realísticas de gerenciamento de portfólio e de projetos, proporcionando aprendizado rápido e seguro.

Em ambiente lúdico, o que torna a experiência muito rica, os participantes enfrentam situações típicas do ambiente organizacional, incluindo as condições de pressão, tempo e o surgimento de eventos adversos.