3GEN’s consulting services focus on the main challenges faced by our clients – public, private and non-profit organizations alike – regarding strategy execution. Our goal is to turn your organization’s strategy into tangible and sustainable results. It is possible based on the experience gained by our team using the unique framework of 6 basic vectors for Strategy Execution, a comprehensive and combining vision of the best management practices focused on creating long-term value.

Regardless of the approach that best fits your organization’s reality, our team will always prioritize knowledge transfer, preparing your staff to become more independent once the projects are finished.

Vectors for strategy execution

  • Formulate: Plan a clear strategy and a unique positioning
  • Map: Map the strategy and define the best performance metrics at all levels
  • Align: Align processes and the organization with the strategy
  • Involve: Based on strategy, manage change, communicate and recognize
  • Implement: Manage a strategic project portfolio based on results
  • Govern: Create processes and formalities that support strategy-driven decision-making